Figgy Adventure Awaits Pennant

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Select your Color: Forest Green and Yellow
Product Details

Set sail on a sea of imagination with our "Adventures Await" pennant. Custom made by our friends at Oxford Pennant and dressed in vibrant shades of green and yellow, this flag is a clarion call to joy, beckoning children and adults alike to dive headfirst into a world of play and exploration.


Whether you're setting the stage for a fairy tale adventure or a deep-space exploration, this pennant brings a splash of bright, optimistic color to any room, encouraging everyone to dream bigger and play harder. It's more than just a decorative piece; it's a banner of fun, a promise of adventures untold, waiting just around the corner in your very own playroom.

Materials & Certifications

Material: Cut-and-sewn wool felt and screen-printed design

Color: Forest green, and cream details