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If you love Figgy as much as we do and you want to help others join in the adventure (and make a lil’ play money), we invite you to join us. 

About Us

Made for kids by kids-at-heart, the Figgy was designed for endless hours of creative playtime while checking boxes for parents; it’s easy to clean up, fits seamlessly into any living space, and is infinitely versatile. Better yet, it doesn’t hurt when stepped on, is an alternative to oh-so-tempting screen time, and gets out ‘the wiggles.’

As veteran parents and cofounders, Rachel and Chris, have 8 kids collectively! They made it their mission to create a home-adventure brand that takes kids to the farthest reaches of their imaginations.

Figgy parents, friends and of course, their little ones, spark new creative ways to enjoy playtime.  Won't you join us?

What does it mean to be an Affiliate?

We make sharing our brand and your love of Figgy easy.  You’ll simply sign up with our third-party affiliate network, ShareASale, and receive the links, tracking info, and collateral you need.  When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission.  


You’ll be able to see your commission details once you are approved for the program. All of the tracking, collateral, and earning information is available via ShareASale. You can contact us at for additional creative and tools if needed. 

Let's Take Off!

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