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You’ve heard of the Montessori Method, here’s how the Figgy Play Couch helps bring it home!

The Montessori Method supports children's learning by allowing them to lead while embracing different activities, and letting their imaginations and independence grow. One big way is by encouraging children to use and thrive in creative spaces. Those spaces are designed to meet the needs of kids and lead them to a better understanding of language, mathematics, science, music, social interactions, and more. 

So how can you build a Montessori space or playroom in your home? It starts with understanding how a child’s natural curiosity can help them develop a solid foundation for life-long learning. 

Our imagination adventure kit, the Figgy play couch makes it super easy to bring all these principles into your home and playroom! In fact we’re bringing back good old fashion playtime, Montessori style!  Here’s how: 

Montessori Method #1: Children Are Capable & Willing to Teach themselves 

The Montessori Method encourages you to give your little one a lot of room to explore, and adapt to areas of self-education- a concept where children are capable of educating themselves. As a caregiver or parent you can help your little one maximize this by encouraging them to create, explore, and build safely with the Figgy play couch!  Our figgy play couch was designed to encourage kids to develop their imaginations through the building of forts, caves, or even pirate ships, because one of the most important parts of learning is creativity. 

With a soft and stable base, quality non-toxic materials, and rigorous third-party testing, The Figgy is made by parents, but with kids in mind. With Figgy you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals- In fact our products are made without mercury, lead, phthalates, or formaldehyde, how great is that? And because quality matters our CertiPUR-US® foam is one of the highest-standards on the market. And kids love our patented Velcro connectors- this makes sure all your wildest builds stick! 

Not only is the Figgy one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can offer your kids to build their imaginations and encourage their mental growth, and gross motor skills it’s also a guaranteed product assembled in the USA and certified with safety in mind! 

Montessori Method # 2: Children's Minds Are Like Sponges  

Kids are like sponges, taking in new words, behaviors, and ideas everyday by absorbing what’s around them. Just by existing, and playing, children are learning and developing life-long skills. They’re taking in the world around them and applying what they learn to their own individual experiences. That’s why you want to offer a child a learning space free from distractions like social media, the internet, and television. Rather than letting your kids plug-in, watch how fast they grow and succeed when they’re unplugged and encouraged to use their own imaginations for entertainment and learning. That’s the Figgy difference! 

Using imagination play has many benefits and will help your child gain life-long skills like being able to think outside the box and embrace creative problem solving. 

With a Figgy Play Couch, you’re investing in your child’s well being and it’s made to grow with your little one. Providing benefits and entertainment for years to come!

Montessori Method #3: Set the Environment

The Montessori Method encourages children to learn in an environment prepared to help them do things for themselves. Before we had YouTube tutorials, we learned how to build a fort through trial and error, and we learned that a well-designed structure was the pinnacle of success. When you’re encouraging a child to learn in a prepared environment, you want them to be able to design their play area to suit their growing imagination, but also offer them the right play tools to act out their ideas in a safe and manageable way. 

Figgy Play Couches are designed with safety in mind. The Figgy is built to last, with strong, patented Velcro® connectors. Each piece of the couch is interchangeable so that kids can build the most impressive of forts, or lay out a fun, rumble-and-tumble area full of obstacles to climb and summit as they challenge themselves to become the champions of their own Mount Everest. 

The Figgy gives your little one the ability to create and explore, while you can rest assured that you’re offering them only the best quality products to develop their senses of exploration and independence. 

About Figgy

Figgy’s CEO and co-creators, Rachel Neill and Chris Roepe, first thought of the Figgy Play Couch during the pandemic. Like many of us, Rachel was at home and struggling to keep her 5 kiddos entertained. That’s when the team got to work and came up with the Figgy play Couch. By using Kickstarter to start fundraising, the initial goal was met just minutes after launching! As a brand made for parents with families in mind, our supporters have helped build Figgy from the ground up. There’s no question that corporations are notorious for cutting costs at the expense of safety, which is why we’re proud of our made in the USA play couches, and happy to provide a quality product, rigorously tested and inspected in our South Carolina factory to ensure kids are safe, and parents are happy. 


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