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Why We Love Springfree Trampoline at Figgy!

We love Springfree Trampoline!  They are the highest rated trampoline on the market and the quality exceeded our expectations. Read on to learn more!

The Benefits of Springfree Trampolines for Kids

Trampolines are a fantastic tool for getting your kids active outside! They have been a backyard staple since the 1990s and have only grown in popularity. Let’s break down the benefits of having a trampoline and the different types you can commonly find.

Types of Trampolines

Inground Trampoline: This type is built into the ground. Customers love them because they pose little fall risk and are accessible by simply walking onto them. However, they are more expensive and require excavation and professional installation.  

Traditional Trampoline: The most cost-effective option, available in various shapes and sizes. However, they come with some safety risks, such as insufficient padding and the risk of falls.

Springfree Trampoline: The safest and most innovative option on the market! Springfree trampolines offer cost savings, durability, and enhanced safety. Springfree Trampoline offers enhanced safety features and a full 10-year warranty on the entire trampoline. They feature mat rods for a smooth bounce (no springs to fall through or pinch toes), a SoftEdge™ mat for shock absorption, a FlexiNet™ safety enclosure to prevent falls (no hard surfaces), a frame beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way, and a design to withstand extreme weather. They provide all the bounce without any of the safety issues. Pretty cool, right?

Our pick is the Springfree Trampoline! We did extensive research before buying one and have been extremely satisfied. The self-installation was incredibly easy using the free Bilt app; the product is well-labeled and all the parts are high-quality. Our kids use the trampoline daily, getting great physical exercise while having fun!

Springfree Trampoline exceeds all safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), specifically ASTM standards F381 and F2225, which are pertinent to trampoline safety. The design and materials used in Springfree Trampoline help ensure they meet or surpass these rigorous safety requirements consistently​. 

Trampoline Benefits for Kids

Physical Health Benefits

Improved Cardiovascular Health: Jumping is excellent for cardiovascular health! Regular cardiovascular activity sets the stage for healthy habits later in life and improves physical fitness, including increased flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance.

Enhanced Motor Skills and Coordination: Did you know that jumping on a trampoline improves kids’ balance, motor skills, and coordination? When kids bounce, they constantly adjust their bodies to maintain stability, engaging their core.

Mental Health and Cognitive Benefits

Improved Mental Health: Physical activity like jumping on a trampoline can improve sleep and reduce anxiety and depression. Trampolining turns physical activity into a social activity too! Social interaction helps kids develop empathy and communication skills, leading to better mental health.

Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Playing on a trampoline increases blood flow to the brain, enhancing concentration, problem-solving, and memory. Since kids’ brains are still developing, this is highly beneficial!

Building Confidence: Mastering new skills, like a favorite jump or trick on the trampoline, boosts self-esteem and confidence. A safe environment for learning and mastering skills helps kids develop confidence that carries over into other areas of their lives.

Safety and Supervision

Safety Precautions: With any recreational equipment, safety comes first! Follow all installation instructions and get professional help if needed. Read the manual thoroughly and adhere to all manufacturer safety recommendations. Make sure friends know the rules before they start jumping.

Parental Supervision: Always have an adult supervise children on the trampoline to ensure safe jumping rules are followed by everyone.

What are you waiting for? Do the thing!

Trampolines are amazing backyard additions and beloved by everyone!  If you are looking for ways to enhance your kid’s backyard experience and for ways to get them more fresh air, take the plunge and get the trampoline!