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Why a Play Couch for Kids is a Great Addition to Your Space

If you are a fan of Montessori-inspired play and are looking for a toy that has multiple purposes and can grow with your child, a play couch for kids is a great option!

When it comes to creating a functional and fun place for your kids to play, a play couch for kids is a must-have addition. These pieces of furniture, also known as children's play sofas or toddler play couches, are versatile and great for Montessori and open-ended play.

The Benefits of a Kids Modular Sofa

These pieces of furniture are designed to be played with, encouraging kids to stay physically active, improve gross motor skills, and have long-term uses. When kids use a play couch like Figgy, they can turn it into anything they want! From a fun couch fort to a secret hiding space to an amazing obstacle course.

When kids climb, stack, and build, they develop essential critical thinking and gross motor skills. As kids grow, play couches have numerous uses, like an extra place to sleep or a reading nook. Some teens even take them to college to use as modular dorm seating!

Figgy play couch for kids

Why Choose a Cushioned Play Sofa

Play sofas for kids make a great, soft spot for them to land! Whether they are using it to read a book or create a double-decker fort, play sofas like Figgy use high-quality materials that are Greenguard Gold, Oeko-Tex, and CertiPUR-US certified. This means they are safe for you and your family.

A play sofa is so versatile that kids of any age can enjoy it. As kids get older, their builds become more complex! When you invest in one, you are purchasing something that will grow with your family.

Add-ons like The Figgy Play Panels can even turn your play sofa into a kitchen! They are easy to store and look good when set up in whatever space you choose.

Kids Modular Sofa

Designing a Playroom with Kids' Lounge Sofas

If you are designing a playroom, you definitely need a kids' lounge sofa! It’s not only seating but also an open-ended toy they can incorporate into their everyday play. With many fabrics and colors to choose from, you’ll find one that fits your personal style! Figgy offers three different fabric tiers, including luxury options.

The easy-to-change covers can be replaced for a new look if your design changes.

Kids Play Couch


If you are a fan of Montessori-inspired play and are looking for a toy that has multiple purposes and can grow with your child, a play couch for kids is a great option!