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Top 2 Camping Gear Upgrades of 2024: Figgy Play Couch and Oliezi Airtent

Enhance your next camping trip by pairing the Figgy with an Oliezi Airtent 140.  In this blog we show you how a Figgy and an inflatable tent transform camping.

Introducing the Oliezi Inflatable Tent and the Figgy Play Couch

By Chris Roepe
Founder of Figgy


We have always thought that the Figgy would be one of the most versatile upgrades to your camping gear.  The Figgy is a play couch that comes as a 7-piece set.  The larger squares have a Velcro attachment system which allows you to make a sofa, a resting mat, a floor and countless kids inventions. 


The Oliezi Airtent 140 is a standout product from our friends at Oliezi, a brand like Figgy. Both companies are founders with children at the center of our focus. Oliezi stands for “Oli” and “Ezi,” the founders’ two children. Oliezi was founded to help parents get their kids outside and away from screens, and Figgy was founded to provide alternative types of play to also get kids away from screens.

Oliezi features the best inflatable tents. We tested the Airtent 140 and paired it with the Figgy.

Why the Figgy and the Airtent 140 Make a Pefect Pair

Versatility Meets Comfort

The Figgy’s modular design is all about versatility. Whether it is building a fort, creating a reading space, or acting as soft seating, Figgy is always adapting to your needs. We were amazed at how useful Figgy was on a car camping trip. Using Figgy, we could transform our tent into a glamping haven of comfort and kid’s creativity.  When the kids were bored, they could make forts, imaginative campfires, and bridges inside their spacious tent!  When it was time to hang out inside the tent, the Figgy was everything we needed for soft seating and lounging, and we were amazed how much room the Airtent gave us.

Family Focused Fun

Both Oliezi and Figgy are committed to families.  The two products combined remove the hassle and difficulty of camping and create a family-friendly environment.  The Airtent 140 was incredibly easy to set up.  I had my kids blow up the tent, which took under 5 minutes.  I bought a powered air pump, thinking I would need it, but our family friend suggested that the kids get some “exercise.” We were amazed at how quickly they could stand up in the tent.  The Figgy promptly stole the show and became a fantastic addition to the inside space of the tent as our kids brainstormed all of its uses.

More Time to Focus on Play


Just like the Figgy, you really don’t need an instruction manual for the Airtent.  Within 5 minutes, we were set up and ready to go in our tent.  This gave us more time to explore our campsite or to let the kids build inside the tent using their imagination.  We also found that the kids enjoyed the camping trip more since they were part of setting up camp and decorating the inside. However, decorating is used lightly   Our kids enjoyed creating many imaginative settings inside our tent.  This gave the adults some excellent relaxation time around the campfire.

Conclusion: A Match Made in Camping Heaven

We were thrilled to partner with Oliezi to bring the Figgy into cozy camping.  The Airtent 140 and the Figgy blend comfort, versatility, and family fun.  From the camping veteran to the cozy camping newcomer, this combination could attract many to camping with your kids.
Stay tuned as we share more tips, stories, and fun from Figgy and Oliezi.
Happy Camping!