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The Figgy Play Couch, Here’s What Makes Us Different Than The Rest!

Build mania is taking over as parents and caregivers move quickly to get their hands on a kid's play couch for their home, but with so many options on the market it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

And, let’s be honest, not all kids’ play couches are created equal! At Figgy we stand by our fun, high quality, safe and sustainable kid products. 

Here are some of the ways we are different than the rest:

Design & Durability

The Figgy has a soft, and stable base with strong patented Velcro® connectors to make sure all your builds stick!

What’s more, our play couch is set up to handle the messiest spills. Our covers and optional water-proof layers are machine washable and dryer safe. 

And when it comes to transporting or lifting your adventure play-kit we got it handled! All of our foam bases come with built in handles, making it easy for parents and kiddos to move the Figgy around.

Last but not least, you’ll appreciate our hidden zippers, which help keep kids safe, and protect your floors and walls from any scrapes. 

Made in the USA with CertiPur-US Certified Foam

The Figgy is made with CertiPur-US certified foam. This means our product is top notch, and the foam we use must meet the highest standards for certification. 

In fact the foam goes through a lengthy and careful process to ensure its high quality, non-toxic and made to last. 

Did you know? The Figgy is designed to withstand energetic all day play, and even sturdy enough for a ten year old to climb, and play on!  You can rest easy knowing you are getting nothing but the best.

Non-Toxic Materials and Sustainability 

The Figgy was designed with your child’s best interest and safety in mind. Many of our competitors use low-end goods filled with harmful substances, and materials.

Our play couch is different- The Figgy is 100% lead safe, BPA-BPS free, and does not contain harmful phthalates. The Figgy is also free from pesky chemicals like formaldehyde, and cheap materials like PVC. 

Even our fabric has gone through an OekoTex Certification process, which means it’s met standards that guarantee the fabric is harmless to humans, and environmentally sustainable.

We are a small business, who got our start on Kickstarter!

Did you know? Figgy CEO and co-creator, Rachel Neill first thought of the idea for the play couch during the pandemic, when she found herself struggling to keep her six kids entertained, while working from home. 

The Figgy is not a huge corporation. We are a brand made for parents, by parents. 

Fun fact: We got our start on the fundraising site, Kickstarter, where we met our initial goal in just minutes after launching. We are thankful for your support, and see our Figgy customers as an extended part of our family. 

In your words…..

“We have a small space but The Figgy created a safe area for our seven month baby to learn how to crawl.. It’s been amazing to watch him take safe dips, get back up.. This Figgy will stay in our family for a long time and grow with our baby.” - James P.

“The Figgy has all structurally usable pieces (as opposed to a thin floppy layer), yet it’s still very comfortable for lounging.” - Erika B.

“After searching the web for days, and comparing all these different couches, I finally found the Figgy, and I am in love with the quality and the materials.” -Stephanie C. 

Watch the video here!

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