Meet the team behind The Figgy! Q&A with Head of Customer Success, Dongna Wang


We here at Figgy are a small, but passionate team devoted to bringing you the highest quality playcouch on the market, along with great customer service, and a dash of fun!

Head of Customer Success Dongna Wang joined the company in the Summer of 2021 and her role at Figgy covers a number of different bases- From managing inventory orders, to fulfilling shipments, and even expanding our brand into retailers like Nordstorm and BuyBuyBaby, this busy bee does it all! 

However, Donga says the most important part of her job is building a strong relationship with (you) Figgy’s customer community.

Here’s more with Dongna!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in China, and when I was a teenager my family moved to the U.S. Later, I went on to study Mathematics and Economics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Let’s go blue!

Before Figgy, I worked for an ecommerce company and as a tech service analyst in healthcare. I enjoyed that job, but long hours and travel made things really hard after we had kids (which was also around the time when covid hit).

That’s when I first joined Figgy. Both founders, Rachel Neill and Chris Roepe are parents and understand how challenging it could be to balance work with a baby and a toddler at home, so they helped me figure out a flexible schedule that worked out great!

Yay! Yeah, lots of moms and dads work here at Figgy. What’s your life at home like with your little ones!?

My husband and I have two kids. My son will be three years old this year, and my daughter is six months now. We’re big animal lovers too, and so, a big dog and two cats complete our little family. We always thought our dog would be the kids' best friend, but they both seem to play with the cats a lot more. My husband is a software engineer, and it's been a huge help since he started working from home.

Since you both work remotely, I’m sure The Figgy helps keep your little guy busy.

My son has used the Figgy in so many different ways! It used to be his personal train station, and now it's his slide! We also made a cave for our cats, as you can imagine, they love it! It’s also been amazing to see my son’s motor skills develop- Unlike other toddlers, my son was never a climber but he's gotten a lot more interested in climbing, and taking on a slide since we got the Figgy. .

What’s your favorite part of The Figgy?

I like the size of the Figgy, as well as the velcro connection system. Our imaginations just go… you can turn it into so many things! Using it as a comfy couch and a reading nook in our playroom is also great. 

What do you enjoy most about your role as Head of Customer Success at Figgy?

I'm passionate about helping parents find creative ways for their kids to play (it's also something I'm always looking for). Also, shout out to the Figgy community, you guys have inspired me to try a bunch of new builds!  As for the best part of working here… the best part of working for Figgy is seeing kids having fun with our products!

Anything else you’d like to share with our Figgy community?

I just want them to know how hard we work to bring the best quality products to our customers and help them make the most of the Figgy! And their support means so much to us!

At the same time, our customers' feedback is so helpful for us to continue to grow. We want to build a strong relationship with our customer community and work together with everyone to make the Figgy better!

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