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Figgy: Unveiling the Luxury of Playtime

Play couches are a fantastic addition to any playroom, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play and cozy relaxation. But when it comes to choosing the perfect play couch, not all options are created equal. Figgy stands out as the luxury choice for parents seeking the very best for their children's playtime. While Figgy might have a higher price tag compared to some competitors, let's delve into the reasons why it's worth every penny.

Play couches, like Figgy,  are a fantastic addition to any playroom, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play and cozy downtime. But when it comes to choosing the perfect play couch, not all options are created equal. Figgy stands out as the luxury choice for parents seeking the very best quality and design for their children.  Let's delve into the reasons why it's worth every penny.

Kids together on a Figgy luxury play couch

Safety First: A Commitment to Quality and Wellness

At Figgy, safety is paramount. We take immense pride in the fact that our play couches are built in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards and ethical production practices. Our commitment to safety extends far beyond the manufacturing process. Figgy is Greenguard Gold Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning our materials have undergone rigorous testing to be free of harmful chemicals and low in VOCs. We go the extra mile by using CertiPUR-US certified foam, another testament to our dedication to creating a safe and healthy environment for your children.

Designed with Thought and Care: Details Make the Difference

A luxury experience transcends mere materials. Figgy is meticulously designed with thoughtful details that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. We don't settle for shortcuts. Our zipper garages and invisible zippers ensure a smooth and snag-free experience for little hands. We use only the highest quality, luxe fabrics that can withstand heavy use and endless toddler playtime adventures.

Unmatched Versatility and Unparalleled Convenience

Figgy isn't just another play couch; it's a transformative play space. We're the only play couch with detachable cushions featuring strong Velcro connections, allowing for endless configurations and creativity. The rectangle pillows provide a perfect canvas for building, lounging, or imaginative forts. All the base cushions are the same size, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Effortless Cleaning for Parents, Endless Fun for Kids

Figgy understands the realities of playtime. That's why we use machine washable covers. No more spot-cleaning spills or worrying about lingering messes! The waterproof liners provide an additional layer of protection, making cleanup a breeze. For added convenience, every base cushion cover features handles, making it easy for kids to move and rearrange the pieces.

Handcrafted in the USA: A Labor of Love

Each Figgy play couch is hand-cut and hand-packed right here in South Carolina. It's not just a product; it's a labor of love designed by a mom and dad who understand the importance of safe, stimulating play for children. Unlike dorm room beanbag chairs masquerading as play couches, Figgy is a kid's sofa designed specifically for the needs and imaginations of young children.

The Figgy Difference: An Investment in Playtime

Figgy might be a pricier option, but it's an investment in your child's well-being, creativity, and endless hours of imaginative play. From the patented FiggyFoam that offers the perfect blend of comfort and support to the detachable cushions that foster endless configurations, Figgy is the most versatile play couch on the market. Choose Figgy and give your child and grandchildren the gift of luxury playtime, crafted with safety, quality, and endless possibilities in mind.

Figgy vs. Nugget: Unveiling the Champion of Playtime

While both Figgy and Nugget are popular play couch options, a closer look reveals a clear champion for parents of toddlers seeking the ultimate in quality, safety, and versatility. Here's a breakdown of the key differences:

Figgy vs. Nugget Comparison Chart

Price: Both Figgy and Nugget have a starting price of $269. However, Figgy offers more value for your money. Nugget's waterproof liners are an additional $109, bringing the box' total cost to potentially $378, whereas Figgy's liners are only $60.

Pieces and Configurability: Figgy comes with 6 separate base cushions, allowing for endless configurations and creative fort building. Nugget's 4 base cushions are sewn together, limiting the possibilities. Figgy offers additional customization options like the Wedge, Expansion Pack, and Biggie size, perfect for growing families.

Fabrics and Quality: Both offer microsuede fabric options, but Figgy goes a step further with Performance Microsuede+ and Luxe Velvet and Flatweave fabrics for a luxuriously soft and durable experience. Nugget offers cushions with different thicknesses, potentially creating an uneven surface. Figgy's base cushions are all the same size for a cohesive look and feel. The Figgy is machine washable and can go right in the dryer, too!

Pillow Shapes and Connection: Nugget uses triangular pillows, which might not be as versatile for building or lounging compared to Figgy's rectangular pillows. Most importantly, Figgy is the only play couch with detachable cushions featuring strong Velcro connections, allowing for truly endless configurations of imagination and creativity. Nugget's cushions are not connectable.

Safety and Certifications: Both Figgy and Nugget are proudly made in the USA and Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified. However, Figgy takes safety a step further with Oeko-Tex certification, ensuring the materials are free from harmful chemicals even beyond what's regulated by standard certifications. Figgy is proud to be free from harmful chemicals and low VOC. With added third-party independent testing, Figgy ensures that their product is safe for your family. Figgy absolutely never adds flame retardants.

Customer Service: At Figgy, we understand the importance of exceptional customer service. Our team is comprised of parents who are passionate about providing helpful and friendly support to other parents.

Hidden Advantage: The Power of Foam! Figgy boasts 25% more foam than other play couches, including Nugget. This translates to superior comfort, support, and a longer lifespan for your investment.

Kids playing on Figgy Luxe Flatweave Play Couch

The Verdict: Figgy Takes the Crown

While both Figgy and Nugget offer a fun play experience, Figgy emerges from the review as the clear winner for parents seeking the most value, safety, versatility, and luxurious comfort for their children. From the separate base cushions and endless configuration options to the superior quality materials and exceptional customer service, Figgy is an investment in countless hours of imaginative play and happy memories.


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