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Figgy Play Couch vs. Yourigami Kids Sofa (Costco) - The Ultimate Mom's Guide

Which play couch should you buy?  We compare the Figgy to one of the many low cost alternatives.

Written by Chris Roepe

Head of product design at Figgy


We compare one of the low-price nugget couch alternatives to the Figgy play couch.


Figgy Play Couch and Yourigami Playfort
Play couches and kids sofas are much more prevalent than they were several years ago and for good reason.  These versatile foam couches display nicely as soft seating but also allow your kids to spend hours using their imaginations to create forts, ramps, ball pits, and more. 


Price and Specifications               


The Figgy Play Couch

Yourigami Play Fort

Large Square Size

33” x 33” x 4.5”

28” x 28” x 4”

Rectangle Size

11” x 11” x 22”

4” x 11” x 22”

Wedge Size

11” x 14” x 22”

11” x 13” x 20”


$269 (6 Pcs), $299 (7 Pcs)



The Yourigami Play Fort we tested had 2 sets of hinged cushions (two large squares sewn together using the cover) and 2 large squares.    Four of these cushions had removable small shapes.  There were also two wedges and two very thin rectangle pieces.


Foam cushions of Figgy and Yourigami
The Figgy play couch comes with 4 large squares that have Velcro connectors on two sides of each cushion to connect the squares endlessly. It also comes with 2 substantial rectangle cushions, and there is an option to add a wedge. Figgy lets you choose from 3 levels of fabric, from microsuede to luxury upholstery fabric. Lastly, you can purchase waterproof liners for additional peace of mind.


Playtime Potential and Beyond

We had our expert kid play testers play with the Yourigami, and at first, they thought that the additional shapes (diamond, circle cutouts) were interesting, but they couldn’t find much to do with them.  They thought they were cool as a window cutout but didn’t like that it affected the strength of the walls during builds.  In our unit, the diamond would fall out of the foam square often, so we had difficulty keeping a solid wall.  Our kids were also used to playing with a Figgy, so they tried to build forts that could sustain weight, but the Yourigami didn’t hold weight very well.  This is due to the type of foam used.  Figgy uses a 50+ ILD stiffness foam, which perfectly balances softness and strength.  Yourigami’s stiffness was much less, and it could not hold any substantial weight.  We put a 45 lb. weight on the Figgy and the Yourigami side by side, and the Yourigami buckled while the Figgy held it without an issue.


Figgy Foam Couch Strength


Yourigami has two hinged cushions.  This is like other nugget couch dupes, but essentially much smaller.  Figgy is very different, it has Velcro connectors on each square cushion, which allows you to connect 2, 3, or 11 pieces if you see fit.  This also adds incredible strength when you are building different structures.  We researched the feedback of users online regarding the Yourigami, and many customers commented that builds tended to fall over since there was no connection system.

When it comes to versatility, both units have a lot to offer.  The Yourigami has many cutout shapes and a lot of pieces.  This is something that young children should really like.  The Figgy’s larger pieces and large rectangle cushions offer some very cool double-decker building forts or the ability to create a ball pit with stairs.  Figgy is unique in the toddler sofa, and kids play fort category because of its versatility.  Figgy was also designed to be sustainable as a toy for young people up to college.  We hear customers buying Figgies for all ages.  We have seen social media posts of Figgies being used to help kids learn how to walk, to facilitate jungle gym sessions, and even as soft seating at events!  The Figgy uses top-of-the-line foam that really shines across multiple categories of play.


Fabric and Construction Quality

The Figgy boasts three levels of fabric:  Performance Microsuede, Luxe Velvet, and Luxe Flatweave (think super soft, expensive couch fabric).  The microsuede is a bomb-proof suede that will withstand the punishment kids can give any toy, but it will be one of the softest fabrics you can find.  The velvet and the flatweave shed water (think gross spills or other mishaps) are even stronger than the suede.  Our partner makes furniture covers for the highest-end furniture companies in the US, and they rigorously test our fabric against ripping, abrasion, and other failures.  Additionally, the fabric Figgy uses is Oeko-Tex and Greenguard Gold certified.  This eliminates off-gassing, VOCs and nasty chemicals or allergens.


Water resistant covers
Yourigami uses a double-brushed suede that is very similar to the Nugget Couch's double-brushed suede. However, we noticed that the hand feel of the Yourigami fabric is not as nice as the Figgy’s.


toddler sofa
Lastly, Figgy offers optional waterproof liners. When something spills on your play fort, the last thing you want is for the liquid to permeate the foam, which makes it very difficult to clean and remove odors. The waterproof liners act as a second line of defense for your play couch.


The Importance of Foam

Both Figgy and Yourigami use certified CertiPUR-US foam.  This means: 
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
Nugget couch alternative

This checks the safety box for foam!  However, where foam is sourced is also important.  Figgy sources all its foam directly from North Carolina and ships it to its factory in South Carolina weekly.  Foam is used within a few weeks of production and is always protected.  Yourigami states that they source their foam in the US and Mexico.

Another important specification of foam is density and stiffness.  Figgy has rigorously tested density and stiffness to find a sweet spot that makes it comfortable to sit on but strong enough to build with.  If we went too light, forts would collapse; if we made it too stiff, no one would want to sit on it.  Our foam is the same foam that goes into very expensive mattresses.  The corollary to mattresses is similar. Would you rather sleep on an inexpensive $75 mattress or an expensive $1000 mattress?  We use the materials in the $1000 mattress.

Density is also important.  Our foam’s density is 1.5-1.7.  Our testing has found that this density is important because when you box up play couches, you deform the foam and break tiny bonds in it.  If the density isn’t great enough, your foam may not come back to shape or could lose stiffness.  Less dense foams also do not last as long as more expensive dense foams.  However, you can’t go too dense because the foam would weigh too much for a child to be able to play with the toy.  Some companies can skimp on foam by using stiff foam that is not very dense.  Usually, the foam will deteriorate or be damaged when it is roll-packed.

We do not know what density or stiffness that Yourigami uses in their foam.  It is not listed on their website or in their documentation.  We did notice that it is noticeably less stiff than our foam and also subsequently not as strong when you are making builds that support weight as was seen in our triangle picture. 


Yourigami play couch size vs Figgy play couch size

Concluding Thoughts

The Figgy is a unique product that is very different from the Nugget couch alternatives you see in the marketplace.  It does not have hinged cushions sewn together and does not use a soft layer of foam.  Figgy uses thick, strong foam in its bases and pairs that with a patent-pending Velcro connection system that makes for a platform of play that is unlike any other product.  Figgy focuses on high-end fabrics and quality that matches the furniture that you already have in your house.  Our mission is to create long-lasting products that are not thrown away after a year. Instead, we put thought into our product to make sure that it can grow with your kids and even tag along to college.  In a way, that is true sustainability.  In a world where so many things are discarded, it really is great to know you can purchase an item designed to last a lifetime. 

The Figgy also takes safety into consideration and wants to make sure that no additional chemicals or allegerns are introduced into your home.  Figgy may not be the cheapest alternative on the market but the quality, safety, construction and playablity are really a great value considering how expensive so many toys have become.