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Elevate Your Playtime: Essential Accessories for Your Play Couch Adventure

Hello, adventurous families! 🌟 Are you ready to transform your play space into an extraordinary landscape of imagination and fun with your play couch? But guess what? The journey doesn't stop there! Let's explore some whimsical and engaging toys and accessories that will make your play couch experience truly unforgettable. Prepare to turn your living area into a vibrant playground of creativity and laughter!

Hey Figgy fam! We want to help guide you on your play journey! We've curated a list of products that we personally LOVE over at Figgy.

1. Play Silks: The Magic of Imagination

Drape, float, or create with play silks– these versatile pieces of colorful fabric are a must-have for any Figgy setup. They can become capes for superheroes, water for a make-believe ocean, or even a cozy tent when draped over the a play couch. The possibilities are endless, and they perfectly complement the open-ended play. Plus, they're light, easy to store, and ignite endless imaginative scenarios. We love the play silks from Sarah's Silks.

Girl playing with Sarah's Play Silks

2. Pikler Triangle: Climb and Explore

Bring a piklar triangle to your play area and watch as your little climbers explore new heights safely. This wooden climbing structure pairs wonderfully with play couches, offering a dynamic playground for climbing, sliding, and imaginative play. It's not just fun; it's also fantastic for developing gross motor skills and encouraging physical activity. Check out Lily + River's collection of piklars and add-ons.

Lily and River Piklar Triangle

3. Stepping Stones: A Path to Balance and Coordination

Create a landscape of adventure with Stepping Stones scattered around your play couch. These balance platforms can transform your play area into a challenging obstacle course, a mystical path through a lava-filled landscape, or stepping stones across a bubbling brook. They're great for promoting balance, coordination, and imaginative play. We recommend these!

Lily and River Stepping Stones

4. A Second Play Couch: Double the Fun

Why stop at one when you can have double the fun? Adding a second play couch opens up a whole new world of configurations and possibilities. Build grander forts, taller towers, or even a soft, safe battleground for those playful pillow fights. If you have Figgy play couches, you can connect them together!


Kids jumping on a figgy play couch

5. Wedge or Rockers: Rock and Roll Play

Add a dynamic element to your play couch universe with a wedge or rockers. These accessories introduce movement and physical play, perfect for little ones who love to climb, rock, and roll. Use them as a slide, a boat in a stormy sea, or a mountain peak to conquer. They're not just fun; they also help develop balance and muscle coordination. We are partial to the Figgy Biggy Wedge and Half-Moons!

Girl balancing on a a Figgy Biggy WedgeFiggy Half-Moon Rockers

6. Felt Characters: Storytime Stars

Bring stories to life with a set of felt characters. These soft, tactile toys can stick right onto the microsuede surfaces of your Figgy or Nugget (or other play couch!), turning it into a backdrop for epic tales and adventures. Whether it's a fairy tale forest, a bustling city, or an underwater world, felt characters add depth and detail to your child's imaginative play. We love Rally Felt Co.

Rally Felt Co. Book and Felt Characters

Wrapping Up the Magic

Your play couch is the canvas, and these toys and accessories are the "paint" for your child's boundless creativity. By incorporating these elements, you're not just enhancing their playtime; you're nurturing a world where imagination, physical activity, and storytelling intertwine seamlessly.

So, let the magical journey begin, and remember to capture and share your enchanting playtime moments with us using #figgyplay. Let's create, explore, and dream together! 🌈🚀


About the Author:

Rachel Neill is the founder of Figgy and a mom of 6, she lives in Madison, WI.  Rachel loves all for seasons, her peloton, and raising chickens!