Discover The Figgy's Versatility: Surprising Play Couch Uses

Although the Figgy play couch is technically defined as furniture for children's play and exploration, limiting it to that description it's like saying pizza is just a food that happens to be delicious. Understatement of the century! 

The Figgy is a true chameleon, with its versatility and open-ended design allowing it to become virtually anything that can be dreamed up - from a balance beam to a rocket ship to a secret fort for plotting their next candy heist. Not only that, it has more uses than we ever imagined.

Not surprising, our customers are brilliantly creative! Their boundless imagination has uncovered countless new ways to the Figgy – unlocking a world of endless possibilities! Here are a few ways the Figgy is being used.

Have Figgy Will Travel

At home, the Figgy is used to create designated play areas in living rooms and playrooms. But that's not all - the Figgy is also taken on the road, adding an element of fun to travel. It has gone on playdates, vacations and to Grandma and Grandpa's house to provide a fun and familiar space. Not just for playtime, it’s used for sleepovers, reading, homework, and even as a nursing pillow. 

Professionally Approved

In addition to moms and dads, Figgy has caught the attention of teachers, therapists and pediatricians as a screen-free option to aid in child development. They can be found in school classrooms, therapist offices, daycare programs, camps, and kids' yoga studios, creating safe and exciting play spaces wherever they go. Plus, for those with sensory or developmental needs, the Figgy can serve as a valuable tool for neurodiversity, providing a calming and grounding sensory experience.

Move Over Kids

The Figgy is not just for kid-ding around. Older kids and adults of all ages love it too. Its versatility and compact size have made it a popular choice for college dorms, small apartments, and even professional settings like offices. 

We are thrilled with all the ways Figgy is being used and bringing joy. It It’s really become the ultimate jack-of-all-trades for kids, adults and professionals. 


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