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2023 Montessori-Inspired Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Figgy Play Set - $269.99

The Figgy Play Couch is an exceptional and versatile toy that promotes creativity and imaginative play. It's made in the USA, easy to clean, and non-toxic. This play couch, unlike any other on the market, allows you to connect pieces to construct forts or any other imaginative creations you can think of! For more information, visit

Nesting and Stacking Blocks - $14.99

Introduce your child to the alphabet with these eye-catching nesting and stacking blocks. Each block features a brightly colored animal or familiar object corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Made from durable cardboard, these blocks can be stacked by letter, color, and size. When nested, the 10 vibrant blocks fit neatly into the accompanying carrying case. When stacked, they form an impressive tower that reaches nearly three feet in height! Find these blocks at

Rainbow Xylophone - $23.76

The Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone is a rainbow-colored musical instrument that includes a complete octave of notes and self-storing wooden mallets that become the caterpillar’s antennae. Purchase it on Amazon.

Sensory Play Kit - $39.99

The BFF Kit is the perfect friendship-focused kit that any child will want to share with their best friend! It includes two bunk beds, rollerblades, scooters, helmets, purses, microphones, chairs, a table, popcorn, plates, juices, and pizzas. This kit celebrates the idea that "twinning is winning!" when it comes to matching your bestie. Your children can use the dough included to create the most adorable best friend scenes, from cooking meals to sleepover scenes and even making best friend imprints using the wooden heart stamper. Check out this delightful kit at

Balance Board - $59.99

Balance board exercises have gained popularity among physiotherapists, school physical education teachers, sports coaches, and parents worldwide. They are an excellent tool for helping children develop rhythm, sequencing, coordination, and spatial awareness skills. We recommend the Klick-Klack Balance Board by Wiwiurka Toys, available at

Wild Pines Wooden Train Set - $300.00

Experience a modern twist on the classic train set with the Wild Pines Wooden Train Set. With 58 pieces of track, you can create a unique layout every time, allowing you to explore industrial, town, and holiday landscapes. This set is sure to provide hours of imaginative play. Get yours at

Felt Farm Play Set by Tara Treasures - $80.00

Introduce your child to the wonders of farm life with the large Farm playscape by Tara Treasures. This playscape is specially designed for farm animals, people figurines, and tractors in small world play. It features a lake for the little ducks, a muddy patch for the piggies, grazing land for the cows, and cute little rows of vegetables. Bring the farm to life with this delightful playset, available at

Wood Musical Montessori Tree - $72.00

Let your child explore music and colors with the Wood Musical Montessori Tree. This enchanting rainbow tree offers a variety of musical notes to play and discover. It's not only a visually appealing toy but also a great way to introduce your child to the world of music. You can find the Wooden Rainbow Musical Tree Kit Montessori Toy at This kit includes the tree and 10pcs ball. Visit the provided link for more details on the Wooden Rainbow Musical Tree Kit Montessori Toy.

9. Wooden Shape Whale Puzzle - $14.99

Unleash your child's imagination and engage them in learning about whales with this beautiful wooden shape puzzle. It serves as both a traditional shape puzzle and a tool for imaginative play. Dive deep into the world of whales with this dynamic puzzle. Available at

Magnetic Building Tiles - Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set - $69.99

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the MAGNA-TILES Downhill Duo 40-Piece Set. Let your little ones take control as they build their own thrilling downhill track with just a few clicks. This set not only inspires imagination but also develops motor skills and supports STEAM learning. Buckle up and explore endless possibilities with ramps, roads, dashers, and figures. For more information, visit