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Imagination, Creativity and The Power of Play

Playtime, giggles, and a smile that melts your heart, it’s something that comes naturally for most infants as they begin to hit developmental milestones.

However, the need for fun plays a very important role in childhood development- in fact it’s vital to a child’s ability to learn, grow and thrive. 

Playtime helps children develop their brains, teaches them how to communicate, adapt in social and emotional situations, and last but not least, it promotes their little bodies to embrace movement!  

At Figgy we understand the power of play. Our product was designed to spark a child’s imagination and creativity. The Figgy is anything and everything a child imagines it to be- A raft on the high seas, or even a rocketship to the moon!

“Through ample opportunities for pretend play with The Figgy, your child can practice important social engagements like negotiation, empathy, considering others’ perspectives, expression of thoughts, listening to others, role play and reciprocity. These are all vital skills for academic and emotional development!,” said Kelly McGuinness, a licensed clinical social worker at DotCom Therapy, who treats mental and behavioral disorders.

The Power of Play Lasts a Lifetime

The power of play is something experts have been researching for the past few years, and one thing is certain, the more a child plays the more opportunity they have for positive growth and outcome.

According to a study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the mental, social, and physical skills a child learns from playtime will translate into how they successfully navigate the world as an adult.

For the best results, experts say caretakers should not limit a child’s creativity by giving them direct instructions, or memorization tasks when it comes to recreational fun. Instead, they suggest letting a child learn through observation, active engagement and joyful discovery.

Playtime Challenges 

And while playtime has a lasting impact on a child’s development, experts warn many kids are not getting enough if it. Cultural shifts like the pandemic, combined with more working parents, and an uptick in digital devices has many children missing out on the benefits provided by the power of play.

Figgy CEO Rachel Neill, and mom of six says she understands the challenges and hopes The Figgy can help.

“During the pandemic it was so challenging as a working parent to keep my kids off screens and active. They needed to get physical energy out and there were limited places we could go safely. We wanted to create something to inspire them to think outside the box, using their minds and bodies. And so, moving forward we hope The Figgy can help make a positive difference in homes across the U.S.,” said Neill. 

What are you waiting for, let’s go build a fort and jump away from burning hot lava over taking our living floor- it’s time to play!