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The Definitive Play Couch Buying Guide FAQ

Shopping for kid's furniture?  Play couches are a great option to mix play with soft seating.  Buying the right kids sofa can be challenging.  In this article we share the top questions we are asked by potential buyers.

Written by Chris Roepe
Chief Engineer at Figgy

We get asked a lot of questions, and I mean a lot. is your one-stop shop for asking us any questions you may have. We decided to compile an exhaustive list of questions and some general answers because if you’re in the market for kids' furniture or an excellent kids' toy, we think the Figgy should be at the top of your list. Hopefully, you made it to this page because you had one of these questions, and maybe we can answer a few more for you as well!



What age is best for a play couch?

  • We recommend ages between 1 and 10 for most kids. Younger kids can learn sit-to-stand and cruise with the help of the cushions, while toddlers will use their creativity to design and build structures. Older children will continue to use the Figgy as more of a crash pad while jumping and climbing, and ultimately, the oldest children will use play couches for soft seating. This is why play couches like the Figgy are versatile and last for years.

What is the most popular play couch?

  • There are a few categories of play couches. The Nugget couch and its Nugget dupes are designed with a soft, thin foam layer and a thicker, stiffer base layer, while the Figgy is designed with very expensive and sturdy foam throughout.  The Nugget was initially designed to be a couch, whereas the Figgy is designed to be a kids ' building kit.  The Figgy uses Figgy Foam, which is much stronger.  Additionally, the Figgy is modular with Velcro connectors (Nugget dupes sew cushions together), which allows for more building options and creativity.

What type of sofa material is easiest to clean?

  • Microsuede is a very versatile fabric made of 100% polyester. Since it is synthetic, it is naturally an easy-care fabric that is strong and durable.  Spills and stains naturally shed quickly from the fibers during cleaning.  Figgy’s velvet fabric is an even better fabric with hydrophobic properties that repel liquids and stains.  Figgy’s flatweave fabric is as nice as the nicest commercial sofas on the market.  Our flatweave uses the same technology as ski jackets and uses an eco-friendly and safe water repellent.

Is microsuede more durable than other fabrics?

  • Microsuede is a highly durable fabric known for its durability, easy care, and stain resistance. It is used in play couches because a lot of fabric is used to make covers, and it is relatively cheaper than other fabrics.  Polyester microsuede has different quality grades ranging from very inexpensive fabric to much nicer commercial quality fabric.  Figgy uses commercial-grade microsuede meant to last for a very long time and stands up to rigorous testing.

What is foam ILD and why does it matter?

  • ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection, and it measures the stiffness or hardness of foam. It is calculated by compressing a sample of foam by roughly 25%.  The amount of force it takes to compress the foam is the ILD rating.  Generally, ILD is measured on a scale of 0-60, with 0 being low and 60 being firm.  Seat backs are generally around 30, whereas thin seat bottoms may be around 40-50.  Figgy uses 55 ILD because we know we must support kiddos when they are up in the air!  Other brands use lower-value stiffness because it is cheaper.  In our testing, kids don’t like it when they can’t climb up the sides of forts or ramps.  However, we don’t go higher than 55 because you end up with such a stiff play couch that it is uncomfortable to sit or lay on.  Just think about that time you went on a 5-hour car ride, and your butt went numb :)

What is foam stiffness, and why does it matter in a play couch?

  • Stiffness is the same measure as ILD. It is a scale from 0-60.

What is foam density, and why is it important?

  • Foam density is the weight of a 1 ft cube of foam. Why is this so important?  Some cheap alternatives use low-density foam because it uses less materials (less foam = lower cost), but the problem is that the foam breaks down faster over time.  Instead of Figgy Foam, which will last for years, you end up with foam that gets soft in a year or less!  Additionally, all play couches are roll-packed into a small box to be affordably delivered to you.  If the density of the foam is too low, the foam will be damaged as it is roll-packed or stored in a compressed state.  Figgy Foam has been tested to maintain it’s strength due to its density rating.  If Figgy is 1.5 – 1.7 density, would 1.8 be better?  The answer is not necessarily.  We have thoroughly tested Figgy Foam and have found a balance between strength and weight.  Since our customers are usually smaller kiddos, they have to be able to move the cushions around, and they get heavy quickly if you have too high of density foam!

What is the best play couch?

  • Many companies claim to have the best play couch.  What we like to think is that there are many couches on the market, but most of them are not designed by engineers and product experts to be play-approved by kids.  We designed the Figgy with experts, moms, and kids to create the ultimate play couch intended for play from day one.  Figgy uniquely has foam pieces that are all the same strength, Velcro connectors to connect your builds, buildable accessories, not triangles, luxury fabrics, safety certifications, and unmatched quality.

Are play couches worth the price?

  • Play couches are very inexpensive compared to gaming systems, sporting equipment, and kids' furniture. A typical household couch costs over $1000 nowadays.  The Figgy is built with the same foam and fabric you get in high-end furniture stores (we know it because our factory also makes that stuff).  The difference is that we don’t charge thousands of dollars for our product.  We think this makes Figgy an exceptional deal.  Of course, you can buy a cheap alternative with unknown safety considerations, soft foam, and cheap fabric, but why not spend just a little bit more and have peace of mind that your product will last a lifetime (and save the landfill too)?

What is the best play couch to get when you have kids?

  • We believe any play couch is better than none, but if you had to pick one, get the one that will last the longest, is designed for kids' play (not to be a couch like a nugget alternative), is safe for everyone in your home, and looks amazing in any room.

Does Ikea make a play couch?

  • Ikea does not make a play couch; we recommend a Figgy play couch.

What is the best play couch for adults?

  • Our couches support everyone! Since our foam is so strong and supportive, parents rave that Figgy is very comfortable sitting on it with their children and using it as a pad when playing with kids on the floor.  Grandparents can sometimes have difficulty playing with kids on the floor, and Figgy is a great tool to help everyone participate in kids' imaginative play.

What is the best nugget couch knockoff?

  • Figgy is the best alternative to the Nugget. While the Nugget was designed as a dorm room couch on Kickstarter, the Figgy was designed as the ultimate kids' fort-building kit and likewise launched on Kickstarter.

Is the Figgy a children’s play couch, or can older kids use it?

  • We like to say that the Figgy is great for kids from ages 1 to 99, but realistically, everyone likes it. Cruisers use it to learn how to move, toddlers and young kids use it to build skyscrapers, pre-teens use it as their hang out when they decide their parents aren’t cool anymore, teens.

What is a couch jungle gym?

  • A couch jungle gym is a play couch that is used to jump from cushion to cushion or used alongside a normal couch to act like a playground jungle gym.

Can the Figgy be used as foam climbing blocks?

  • The Figgy can be used as foam climbing blocks for young children. It has Velcro connectors on the large square pads, and you can connect three sides into a large triangle (only Figgy can do this). The Figgy is sturdy enough in this configuration for kids to climb up one side and down the other. Figgy also sells mega triangle ramps called the Biggy and half-moon shapes that can be combined into a circle or an ottoman.

Can the Figgy be a crash pad?

  • The Figgy makes a great crash pad and even an excellent tumbling mat.

How do you make epic pillow forts?

  • Figgyplay on Instagram has many pillow fort creations that you can copy!

Can I make a game coffee table?

  • The Figgy square pieces can be stacked on each other, or the rectangle pieces can be put underneath the square pieces to make a game table, an ottoman or even a kids’ Thanksgiving dinner table!

Can the Figgy be a toddler couch?

  • The Figgy makes a fantastic kid’s toddler couch that will likely spend more time being a fort than a couch but will work nonetheless.