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Our promise behind every product.

Strong and connectable construction

We’re the only play couch with individual base cushions that you can connect any way you want to play.

Soft and safe materials

We’ve proved that supportive and soft can go hand-in-hand, and without using any harmful chemicals in the process.

Waterproof and washable design

Water resistant fabric and optional waterproof liners means the Figgy can withstand any mess.

Made in the USA

We know and trust the people involved at every step of our manufacturing process.

Others agree

We have an award winning attention to detail

  • 2023 Parents’ Picks Award

    With over 45 years of experience in the industry, the Parents' Picks awards are the go-to source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for their children and families. We're excited to be recognized for the value our product brings to children and their entire families.

  • 2023 Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

    The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators. Globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services, we're honored to have been recognized by their organization.

What makes The Figgy different?

Endlessly connectable

Individual base cushions with a patent-pending Velcro® system to connect them together.

Waterproof and washable

Washable covers plus optional waterproof liners make cleanup a breeze.

Super strong

Designed to be both soft and sturdy, all our cushions are made using our proprietary FiggyFoam™

Safe for your whole family

The materials used in our covers are safe for the family and rigorously third-party tested.